Wills, Trusts and Estates

Estate matters are highly personal.  Estate law involves some of the things which are held most dear in life—health, family and property.  The stakes can be high, and highly personal.  GSRM estate planning attorneys listen to the unique requests and circumstances of each client, and are sensitive to the emotions that can be triggered in this deeply personal area of law.  The firm’s attorneys seek to understand each client’s objectives and give solid, realistic legal advice with the client’s goals in mind.  The firm represents individuals and families, fiduciaries and businesses in all types of estate matters.  GSRM’s areas of experience include estate planning, estate and trust administration, conservatorships and estate related litigation.

Estate planning requires looking forward and planning ahead.  GSRM estate planning attorneys work with clients to plan for life events including death and disability.  The firm advises on issues such as the distribution of property in an orderly and sensible way; future leadership of family owned businesses; providing for loved ones who are young or have disabilities; protection of property from potential creditors and predators; minimization of tax liabilities; health and financial decision making authority in the event of disability; and expressing wishes concerning end-of-life medical decisions.  Our attorneys have many tools at their disposal such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, prenuptial agreements and business related agreements.  Most importantly, GSRM attorneys understand that each client is unique and one size does not fit all. 

GSRM provides advice and guidance regarding the administration of trusts, estates and conservatorships.  For the most part, the steps of administering a trust, estate or conservatorship happen outside the courtroom and without family discord.  But still those steps can be confusing and overwhelming.  The estate planning attorneys at GSRM explain the administration process to clients in a way that is understandable and practical, and guide clients through the process in an orderly, step-by-step way.  When complications arise, as they sometimes do, GSRM attorneys help find solutions to achieve the correct and desired result but in the most straight forward and least burdensome way.

GSRM represents parties in probate court.  The clients of GSRM—such as executors, administrators, trustees, conservators, guardians, beneficiaries and claimants—often require representation in probate court.  The firm’s estate planning attorneys make sure the clients’ interests are protected, and that all proper procedures and requirements of law are followed.  Often controversial matters in probate court can be resolved through careful negotiation and calculated diplomacy.  But when a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, GSRM attorneys vigorously advocate their clients’ position.  GSRM attorneys understand the law and procedure in probate court matters, and can handle complex estate, trust and conservatorship litigation. 

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